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In development, multiplatform is planned

Strike, capture and advance in a multiplayer multiplatform multistrategy multiaction multigame! Coming to a device near you.


For a while we have been hard at work and play with our new project, "Dethroned!". The game mixes RTS, MOBA and tower defense genre elements pretty open-mindedly so we've been testing, redoing and rethinking ideas quite a lot. Things are looking pretty good right now and the game is approaching beta phase.

Dry print

Dethroned is an action real-time strategy game about three factions, their kings and their champions with a competitive gaming ingredient. You control a single hero with multiple abilities, collect resources and build defenses and armies. The goal of the game is to reduce your opponent’s victory tickets to zero by capturing victory points with your hero and advancing your soldiers into your enemy's headquarters. You can plan and modify your tactics for the next game by acquiring, unlocking and reordering gems for your troops and by upgrading your hero with items that suit your play style. You rise in global ranking according to your performance in individual games.

Things are subject to change.

Some of the existing or planned features

  • Multiplayer across platforms
  • Multiple platforms
  • No textured models
  • Free to play without pay to win
  • Humour level to be announced

Niko2 icon


iPhone | iPad Universal Build

Run, jump and fly as Niko the reindeer boy famous from the silver screen!


Dash around beautiful, cinematic winter landscapes as Niko or his friend Julius in this lovable endless runner. Avoid obstacles, confound eagles and collect coins to pamper yourself at the local reindeer shop. Steer just a bit up and collect yourself a gift box with a surprise inside.


  • Universal Build with iPhone, iPhone4 and iPad support
  • Cinematic environments
  • Known, loved and cute characters from the movies
  • Free to play
  • Sense of humour (coming in an update)

Partners in crime

Anima Vitae, Cinemaker, Ulysses Film, Tidal Films and A.Film Production

Save Britney Dudeson icon

Britney Dudeson

iPhone | iPad Universal Build

Save Britney Dudeson from Hell Island!


Play as Britney, the pet pig of the famous stunt group The Dudesons! Connect your rope, control your swing and timing - fail, fall and then save yourself at the very last moment. Keep going, collect cupcakes, ride bats and survive until you reach the cloud with a silver lining.

Cinematic trailer

Watch the animated background story on Youtube!


  • Universal Build with iPhone, iPhone4 and iPad support
  • Android version
  • 32 levels in two worlds
  • Cute (however now deceased) character
  • The Dudesons as your guide
  • Sense of humour

Partners in crime

Rabbit Films and Mediatonic

Sea Seal&Word Bird icon

Sea Seal&Word Bird

iPhone | iPad Universal Build

Craft words in a patchwork world!


Sea Seal and Word Bird is a word game with a twist, set to a handcrafted patchwork world with a natural touch. As a Seal (or a Bird) your job is to find and stitch together words to fight the spreading infection. You can remove infected letters by using them in words or heal them with bonus letters. Form longer words to increase your score multiplier and beat the Ghost of Games Past. If you’re stuck, you can easily swap two letters (or more), but be careful: swapping infects letters! Share the fun by going online to craft words with your friend.


  • Universal Build with iPhone, iPhone4 and iPad support
  • Two player co-op via Game Center
  • Handcrafted visuals (cloth and paper with scissors, up to the font used) reminiscent of old animated filmss
  • Light tactical gameplay
  • Sense of humour

Dogfight 1951 icon

Dogfight 1951

iPhone | iPad Universal Build

Engage the enemy in fast-paced dogfights in a fully 3d top-down shooter with light RPG elements, finetuned controls and stunning artwork! Now with multiplayer, Retina and iPad HD support in single Universal Build - jump in the cockpit and start up your engine!


Turn to left, lead the target a little bit and fire! As tracers tear through the wing of your adversary it suddenly banks right and shoots upward, apparently planning to get on your tail and exact revenge. Turning quickly around you get into position as your enemy dives firing from the clouds, straight onto your line of fire. One lucky bullet rips through the engine hitting fuel valve — a critical hit — and your target explodes painting oily smoke on the clear blue sky. Feeling victorious you accept a rematch from your friend, and continue the Dogfight.

In Dogfight 1951 you level-up, improve your character and utilize special manouveres like barrel-roll and Immelmann to gain tactical upper hand. You crash the enemies as Bad Apple and blast your way up the ladder in the single player Wave mode. You hunt together with a friend in co-op Survival mode, shoot each other in Dogfight mode and show the world your achievements via Game Center.


  • Universal Build with iPhone, iPhone4 and iPad support
  • Multiplayer Dogfight up to four players (two via Game Center)
  • Multiplayer Co-op Survival for two players (either locally or via Game Center
  • Single player Wave and Survival modes with character development
  • Beautifully rendered HD 3d graphics with handpainted ground and cloud textures and variable weather conditions
  • Open ended maps for tactical dogfight gameplay
  • Advanced AI for enemies
  • Sense of humour

Background story

On June 28th 1914 separatist assassination attempt against Franz-Ferdinand, Austrian heir of throne, failed miserably. Gavrilo Princip took aim and pulled the trigger only to find his gun clicking, feebly. The gun was jammed and Grand Duke escaped unscathed.

With this single mechanical failure the seed of First World War was never sown, and without the humiliation of Versaille's there was no wind to fan the flames for a second one. Adolf Hitler had to make his living as a mediocre marketplace artist at the streets of Vienna instead of becoming the dangerous, dictatorial dreamer he would otherwise have been. But without two global wars to drive the technology forward the world of 1951 remains much like the world at the turn of the century - colonialism upholding imperial economies and withering alliances cemented with royal marriages. It's Imperialism iced with biplanes and rock'n roll!

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